Six Of Crows By Leigh Bardugo


                                                                   Title: Six Of Crows

     Author: Leigh Bardugo

    Publisher: Henry Holt

Pages: 462

Rating: th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7

You need a little adventure in your read this is it right here. It took me awhile to get into this and honestly I don’t know why. But ill tell you about this story that brings the best of the best of different individuals that each have their own talents to get one thing and that’s money. Here is the crew and the plan…

There is one plan and only one, to pull off the biggest heist of all time and the only ones who could possibly accomplish this are six outcast and who might they be you ask…

Kaz Brekker also known as Dirtyhands. Kaz is the one who puts this heist together and pulls everyone together. He is the leader of the Dregs, a gang in Ketterdam. He has a pretty good skill at lock picking and quick with his hands, which he wears gloves pretty much 24 hours a day due to not wanting to touch other peoples skin.

Inej Ghafa also known as the Wraith is also in the Dregs gang with Kaz. When she was little she was a acrobat giving her the ability to climb high buildings and excellent balance skills. She also keeps knives on her which she gives each one a name.

Nina Zenik is a heartrender which means she has the power to slow a person pulse rate and or damaged organs. Nina has a sweet tooth and seems to be obsessed with cakes and waffles ( I don’t blame her ) she is also apart of the Dregs.

Matthias Helvar was a Grisha hunter. Tends to get upset very easily. The crew rescue him from Hellgate. He has a unique relationship with Nina considering she is a Grisha and the relationship between the two is fascinating.

Jesper Fahey is also part of the Dregs gang. Very talented with guns. Jesper is addicted to gambling and seems to fall more into debt then he needs to be which is why he joined the Dregs gang to support his addiction.

Last but not least Wylan Van Eck. Wylan is not able to read which causes his father to treat him like total crap! Wylan is a demolition expert who helps out the crew and being helpful by being the son of Jan Van Eck, the man who started it all.

I just want to start out saying the characters are amazing together and reading each characters view is always the best for me. You get to understand each one of them and how they think. Leigh Bardugo did a wonderful job writing each characters view.

It was a slow start for me, but the action starts pouring in. I had to keep reading cause I wanted to know what was going to happen and if the crew was able to successfully pull it off!

Pull what off?

Glad you asked that. Let me break it down for you without ruining anything. This crew needs to break into a prison….YES a prison! Why the hell do they need to break into a prison? For money of course and lots of it and incase you didn’t catch on this is the Dregs of Ketterdam. Break into prison and do what? Well…the crew is kidnapping or lets say stealing…wait wait wait busting a man out by the name of Bo Yul-Bayur.

UMM why is this man worth breaking into a prison?

Remember that man I told you about earlier into this review, the man who started it all… Jan Van Eck. Well Jan needs Bo Yul-Bayur cause this man created what is called in the book Jurda Parem which causes Grisha power to increase and is very addicting to Grisha. If this drug gets out all hell is going to break loose.

One heist. One crew. One objective. Can they pull it off? Break into the most secured prison… I diffidently recommend this gem for the adventurous type. I gave it four hearts because it had that adventure feel, it had characters point of views where the author did a great job breaking it down with each view but it was a slow start for me in the beginning and that could just be me. Wonderful adventure story.

Ready to go on a adventure?

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